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Welcome to my Swarovski picture gallery, a collection of photographs taken during my recent trip to Swarovski Crystal Worlds, located in a small village called Wattens in Austria. The purpose of this visit was to film a Television Documentary, to be screened later in the year, which will tell the story of Dame Shirley’s fabulous stage gowns. I will be travelling the world, tracking down the purchasers of the glittering show gowns that were sold at Christies in a charity auction, attended by Dame Shirley, that raised over £250,000. On the night of the auction, Swarovski bought a number of gowns, paying the highest price of the night, some £35,000 for the stunning Swarovski encrusted ‘Diamond Dress’ weighing in at an incredible 6kg.

I feel very privileged to be presenting this exciting documentary, and I had the opportunity to not only examine and chat about Swarovski’s priceless collection of DSB gowns, but also got to wear them all, and to perform in the ‘Diamond Dress’. I hope you enjoy the pictures, I certainly enjoyed my time in Austria and the memories of stepping into all these gowns will stay with me forever.

Love Julia X


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